How to CHOOSE THE RIGHT RATE on Upwork❓❓❓

People on Upwork seem confused 😵 about choosing the right rate 💰

They don’t want to work with CHEAP RATE & even don’t want to lose potential clients by applying with the HIGH RATE. 

So what should be the ideal rate on Upwork❓

Should you apply with the cheap rate❓

So here are a few things that you need to consider before selecting the rate for your Upwork profile. 

1. Low Rate = Low Response 📉

Most people believe that a low rate will give them high responses.

But the fact is different. 

By putting the low rates, you are positioning your services in the zone of low quality.

Great clients always prefer vendors that can provide high-quality services for their projects.

As they know that cheap work usually costs more in the end. 

So instead of running with the low rate, you should try to select the most suitable rate according to your services and profile history.

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2. Study Your Competitors 

To select the most suitable rate, you need to study your competitors on Upwork.  

  • Check the profile of the competitors who are providing the same services as you and have similar earnings.
  • Also, include the competitors that have slightly higher earnings than you.
  • List the rates from both kinds of profiles.
  • Select the rate that is average of both kinds of profiles.

3. Slightly Move Forward

After selecting the right price, track your responses for 30 📅 days. Notice the change in your responses. 

Once you get a few projects on your profile, slightly increase the price. Now you can again study the profiles as mentioned in point 2.

As your earnings are 📈 increased now, you will get a higher average rate. So put that rate on your profile. Do a routine check every 30 days. 

Don’t put the rate that works against you. Select the rate that positions your services right. 

Anything to add? 

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