5 Tips to Write Top 5% UPWORK PROPOSALS 🚀 (Earn 3x More 💵 Revenue on Upwork)

Writing the right proposal is more important nowadays because of the intense competition 🤼 on Upwork.

No matter what your JSS, history, feedback & profile is, your proposal is a great chance to turn the whole game in your favor.

In the same way, if you don’t know how to write it to win the game, then it can be the biggest turn-off 😒 for the clients.

‘95 out of 100 proposals are trash🗑️’

Considering this fact, try to write a proposal that can keep you among the rest of the 5% outstanding proposal 🥇 writers. Make your proposal stand out from the crowd by using these 5 proven tips.

If you have a question, about what to write on Upwork, then these tips will give you the answer.


hearing your name bursts excitement & makes people happy, and sends a 🗼 signal of trust.

Putting the client’s name at the start of your proposal grabs the attention, and the trust of the client to read the whole proposal throughout. 

But the question is where the hell you can get the client’s name❓❓❓

📌 There are 3 ways that you can get the name of the client.

  •  From the sign at the job description: Many clients write their name at the end or start of the job description at the sign. You can read the whole JD and get the name from the sign.
  •  From the research: Sometimes clients don’t include their name in the JD as a sign. But in some cases, they add their existing website, company name, or any other details that give you a chance to research them. Use those details and try to find out their name from google OR any other social media platforms to use in your proposals.
  • From the feedback: While you are reading a particular job description and you find the client has a good history, try to read the feedback from their past service providers. Many times people includes client’s name while writing feedback to them. 

Here is an example. 👇👇👇

2. Kick 🦵 the ‘I’ out of your proposal

  • I liked your job
  • I want to work on your project
  • I need this project –
  • I have X years of experience –
  • I have a dog that can bark

Whenever I see excessive use of ‘I’ in the proposal, it makes me feel like I am in a restaurant, and instead of suggesting food of my preferences, the waiter is telling me what he likes to eat, what he ate yesterday, etc. I am not interested to hear that man.

People like to hear about themselves, not about you.

Instead of talking about you, try to talk about the client’s project, goals 🎯, and business 💼. They like it a lot.

Instead of writing what you are and what you hold, tell them how you can add value to the client’s life.

3. Don’t say, just show

In a time of strong competition 🥊, try to be different by writing a proposal that can save the client’s time ⏳ and resources.

In the process of doing it, try to show the possible suggestions, similar examples, and only needed information in the proposal.

The majority of freelancers are wasting ⛔ their and client’s time by writing so much information in the cover letter. What they do is write that they have a good experience, they can help clients, etc, etc.

But they don’t mention ‘HOW?’ 🙀

I suggest, instead of saying the information, try to share the information right away. Try to add some similar projects, and some suggestions to make them understand that you care about them.

4. CONNECT 🤝 with them

Write a proposal that makes your clients feel connected to you. They should feel that you are one of them.

Your client should feel that you are from a similar ground.

Try to sell emotions, not logic.

No matter if it’s emotionally, geographically, religiously, or any other connection, THEY SHOULD FEEL CONNECTION. That’s it.

Try mirroring of words, or any other technique to highlight your similar ground and get the drastic growth 📈 in Upwork project winning.

5. END with CTA 💥

Just like all other things, the end is the most essential part of your Upwork proposal.

You need to end it by putting simple questions & CTA to make them respond to you right away with ease.

To increase the chances of winning a client 💰, I always try to get the client on a 📞 call as the next step.

Do you have anything to add? OR have any questions❓

If you want me to write about any specific topics on Upwork, then feel free to comment & DM ✉️.

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