3 Sides To Understand Before You Start Writing 📝 Your First Upwork Proposal.

As a freelancer and BDE, you need to write a cover letter that encourages the client to reply to you right away.

Here are 3 sides you need to learn before you start writing your first Upwork proposal.

1. Technical overview

That is why you need to provide few technical details in the cover letter. In case if you don’t know more details of it (😕problem with most of the sales and BDE people), then you need to learn the basic overview of technologies you would like to sell. 

At least, you should learn the basic difference between the technologies you are working with and their counterparts. 

Also, Benefits and disadvantages of particular technologies.

This will help you choose the right project to bid on and also write the best suggestions in a cover letter. 

Suggest what is best for a client, not what is best for you.

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2. Functional Details / KYP

If you don’t have KYP (Know your portfolio) sheet yet, create one and understand the flow and features of each project.

Apart from technical details, most of the time, client requirements need more enhancements on the function side. So if you know the right details to suggest, you will increase a great chance of getting responses. 

Understand what is missing in the required flow, and its importance.

📌Make clients understand the problems they can face without adding those features. 

3. Business 💼 Side

Every business has its own business model and business needs. 

That is where exactly they need your help in either earning more 💰 revenue, generating more leads, OR making their process 🔁 easier. 

By knowing the different business models and further business side needs, you can add more specific questions and suggestions in the cover letter. 

Even in most cases, business side suggestions impress clients more comparing with the technical details. 

PRO TIP: You can check different business models here.

Want to learn the secret that top 1% talent follows on Upwork

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